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The Shivprabha Charitable Trust started as the endeavour of 11 young volunteers and volunteerism has ever since been the underlying lifeline of our existence. Our founder Amol believes that there are people who genuinely care for those in need. All that is required is a platform to bring these like-minded people together and channel their contributions into an engine that can uplift those in need.

Today our volunteer network spans 31 districts across 7 Indian states. To us, our volunteers are not additional human resources, but tireless champions who contribute their valuable time and energy to bring lasting change to the lives of those in need through individual and collective action.

You can support Shivprabha’s initiatives in a wide variety of ways. Our volunteering activities are designed to optimise the abilities, aspiration and time each volunteer can contribute while complementing the objectives of the Trust. You can support Shivprabha in any of the following ways.

Use your voice: Help raise awareness for our initiatives by sharing our current giving opportunities from our website or our Facebook page.

Donate money: We work to empower those in need in rural communities in across a spectrum of practice areas. You can contribute financially to any of our giving opportunities or a cause that is close to your heart.

Champion the cause: Reach out to your HR department or your employer and ask them to consider a corporate sponsorship for our initiatives. You can also work with your HR team to initiate an Employee Giving Program. Write to us, and we will send you support materials to help you make your case.

Host a gathering: Invite your friends over to introduce them to the many ways in which they can support social transformation for those in need. Write to us, and we’ll send you a packet of information and links to videos you can use to encourage them to support our initiatives within rural communities.

Donate your time:
• Share your expertise with us in any of our practice areas
• Join us on any of our farming, water conservation, plantation or construction projects in rural communities
• Based on your expertise and skill sets, you can participate in our training programs for villagers geared at skill development, education, farming, business, yoga and meditation
• Intern with Shivprabha (full time, minimum of six months) and partner with us on our various projects in any of our adopted villages

If you’d like to know more about volunteering with Shivprabha, please contact our Volunteering Coordinator, Shishir Mandya, on shishir.mandya@shivprabha.org.

Current Giving Opportunities.

Help Anita educate her daughters

Help Anita educate her daughters

Anita Dukare from Nanand Khurd in Yavatmal is a single mother of 7 children. As a landless farm labourer, her options for continued, sustainable employment are extremely limited. Help us raise funds that will allow Anita to become a self-sustaining entrepreneur and continue her kids’ schooling.

Help Twarit and the Shrivastavas reclaim their lives

Help Twarit and the Shrivastavas reclaim their lives

Twarit Shrivastava is a young 9-year-old boy dealing with aplastic anemia, an extremely rare condition that slows production of blood cells. Help his parents, Atul and Rashmi Shrivastava, afford the bone marrow transplants he needs to be able to regain his life back.

Help children go to school in Baliraja

Help children go to school in Baliraja

500 children in Baliraja need your help to continue their education. Children of farmers, their parents can’t afford to buy them notebooks and school bags which they need to ensure they’re able to study at school. With your help, we can help these children secure their right to education.


Shivprabha Charitable Trust was established in 2007 to bring educational, health, economic and environmental equity to farming communities in rural India.

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