Shivprabha started Shivprabha farmers club at Lonwadi and kalmula. Shivprabha started work of its first preschool i.e. Shivprabha Vedic School at Bhadrawati. This year we completed rural development work in 10th village. We started making Lonwadi 100% ODF village. We provided support to Nepal for rehabilitation work. We also provided support to Chennai for flood rehabilitation work. This year we provided scholarship to 25 students, 2 Schools are digitalized, Empowered 56 womens. Vidyadeep distributed to 67 unelectrified students. 2 villages are taken for rural development. Medical aid provided to 9 patients. Yoga training provided to 2500 souls. Work spread in 4 states and 19 districts.


It is coming up as the revolutionary year for us. We started our new Nationalized trust SHIVPRABHA CHARITABLE TRUST, PUNE. Said trust started working in Education, Health along with Dr. Mane Foundation, Rural Development, Aadhytma and spirituality under the leadership of Ruta and Ashish Kalawar. This year only in first six months we provided scholarship to more than 10 students. Medical Aid to 3 Critical illness like Kidney transplantation, Diabetic in early age to Prathamesh, Sickle Cell to Ashwini Walke. We also raised funds for Nepal Earth quake rehabilitation. In this year only we started working out of Maharashtra i.e. in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Chatisgarh. In this year we started partnering with Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research Center, Rahuri and conducted Cancer Detection camp in many location. We also partner with AVYC, Pune for redevelopment activities for Village Thakurwadi, Dist Pune. We started partnering with Kalptaru Society, Kinhi Mahadev for redevelopment of Kinhi Mahadev. Under our Environment Protection initiative we installed first Biotoilet at Lonwadi. We are also initiating died farmer’s family rehabilitation and empowerment under program of NARI SASHKTIKARAN i.e. MAHILA GRUH UDYOG and BACHAT GAT under the Leadership of Nalawade Sir.


It Was one of Milestone year. We Published our first book “The Unknown Living Legends” by the hands of Sau Sindhutai Sapkal. We done handover of “Solar Operated Drinking Water system” to village Lonwadi by the hands of Shri Deepak Asegaonkar. We started 2 monthly scholarship for Higher Education.


In this year only we started our Revolutionary work for Village Lonwadi and started providing Light to all houses and with this we started our new area of work i.e. Rural Development. In this year only we provided scholarship to Varun Baranwal for his IAS Preparation. Mukesh started working on our first publication i.e. The Unknown Living Legends.


Millions of RURAL HOUSEHOLDS in our BHARATH are Unelectrified. Due to this, these households are using KEROSENE for lighting purposes and it is a cause for RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS, EYESIGHT DAMAGES and FIRE ACCIDENTS too. 80 Million Children Need Lamp, due to Kerosene / Candle smoke & low brightness – Children are facing Lower Respiratory Infections, eye sight damages & burns due to fire accidents caused by Kerosene lamps / candles. VIDYADEEP is a Solar Study Table lamp with zero maintenance, Flexible & movable, LED Lights which lasts for life time. Said initiative we started in this year. -Help for Farmers is a part of the rural development initiative started at a village called Sondo, Dist : Chandrapur in 2011 and with this we are educating farmers through our website by providing them internet based knowledge. We do hope that we can improve their welfare and standard of living through this initiative. We need to monitor its usefulness and try to make it friendlier to farmers of India. If it is successful then we need to target more and more villages under said initiative for rural development and to avoid suicides of farmers specially vidharba region of Maharashtra.


In this year first time we provided Medical Aid to Udhav Charduke for his Heart surgery. In this year only we started 1 more monthly scholarship for Primary Education and 2 Monthly scholarship for Higher Education. We also provided one time Admission Fee for 1 Student for MBA. This Year only we done Survey of Village Gauri under literacy mission.


Amol along with his few friends founded Help Our People for Education (HOPE) Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha, Rajura, and provided monthly scholarship to 2 Students for HSC.