Local knowledge is indispensable to every NGO. Even if we grew up in the city where we want to start an NGO, we still need to research and make contacts. Making solid local contacts and understanding the locals’ viewpoint is especially important if you want to make your NGO a success.Good use of local knowledge has really made our NGO effective

Our Primary Vision / Mission is SETU has been.

S : SERVE for humanity.
E : EDUCATION to all.
T : TRANSFORM India into Developed country.
U : Upliftment of Rural Area.

With these pointers we started on the course of Humanitarian help. Our Primary concentration was on Education. Awareness of local problems facing the community especially in Education has been our repertoire. Our members, Trustees, friends bring in or refer a Student who requires Help.

  1. He / She is usually in on the verge of dropping out of the system
  2. Either an orphan or has a single parent
  3. Normally a good and intelligent student who has not been able to continue his/her higher studies for want of financial help.
  4. Student in a course who due to sudden problem (death/accident of the provider) requires monetary help.
  5. Tutoring or cost of books.

These parameters are adjudged by the local representative of SHIVPRABHA, usually a senior or experienced person. A form which is attached is required to be filled wherein his/her present condition is answered.

Family Background (Father, Mother, Brother and Sister, details )
Family Income (including all family members .Annual Income) in INR
Recommendation from his/her Teachers
His willingness to pay back once he/she starts earning
Once this evaluation is done with the general consensus of the Trustees,
Funds are raised from our members and Well-wishers
The funds are transferred directly to the Institution or in other cases to the account of the beneficiary.
He signs an Affidavit that he/she, has received the sum and honours to payback the same when he/she starts earning.
The local Member or the Trustee, ensures the same is not misutilised.
The case is usually referred by a doctor or a Member.
The same is analysed by our group of Doctors.
A suitable suggestion, often with the line of treatment is recommended.
The cost is also analysed.
Funds are raised from our members and Well wishers.
The funds are transferred directly to the Hospital or paid on behalf of the patient.
In case the patient needs a continuous follow up, funds are raised for their monthly maintenance too.
Our commitment to TRANSFORM India into Developed country, by Upliftment of Rural Area, has been in the forefront. With the help of Well wishers we have transformed 2/3 villages into a better and wonderful place. We identify the village or the Community which needs our help.

A group of our Members with the local Volunteers, start the process of Identifying Local needs

  • Segregating them into immediate and Long term
  • Ensuring confidence building among Locals
  • Liaising with the Govt or Panchayat officials
  • Raise fund (via crowdfunding) usually within our members Network
  • Look at the possible avenues of funding and tie up the same
  • Intiate process of identifying Vendors for the Machinery or needs,
  • Procure and set it up in their Villages
  • Intiate Motivate the villages into Shram daan.
  • In our Environment Protection initiative we installed first Bio toilet at Lonwadi.


  • Help for Farmers is a part of the rural development initiative
  • By 2011, we were educating farmers by providing them internet based knowledge.
  • We do hope that we are trying to improve their welfare and standard of living.
  • We are visiting and evaluating the sites where the farmers either lost their lives or committed Suicide
  • We monitor its usefulness and try to make the Rural initiave friendlier to farmers of India.
  • If it is successful then we target more villages under said initiative for rural development and to encourage farmers specially Vidharba region in avoiding suicides.
  • We offer them Monetary or Occupational help
  • We also are trying to change their basic thinking by conducting courses on Inner Engineering, Development and Pranic healing.
  • We have held several camps on on Inner Engineering in Maharashtra.
  • We also initiated farmer’s family rehabilitation and empowerment under the program of NARI SASHKTIKARAN : MAHILA GRUH UDYOG BACHAT GAT