Amol D. Sainwar (Founder & President)

SHIVPRABHA CHARITABLE TRUST, PUNE is brain child of Amol. He is Founder and Acting President of Trust. His social life started in 2000 when 50% of his price money he donated to college library for GATE set to make it available to needy students. In 2007 along with few friends he started HOPE Society at Rajura to help students & to avoid struggle in the life of other students what he suffered and true to it sense hundreds of students got benefited from said initiative.

In 2014 along with all working members He initiated National Trust i.e. SHIVPRABHA to work for humanity in all respect i.e. Education, Rural Development, Health Aadhytma and etc. True to it sense said Trust is working in 5 different states. He is also Trustee of Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research Center, Rahuri By profession he is Mechanical Engineer. He received many awards and one of the prestigious award RAJURA BHUSHAN in 2013 in very young age of 35.

Shishir Mandya (Vice President)

Shishir has been involved in Social Service and giving back to Society for close to 40 years, when he started SEWA - (Student Education Welfare Association ) in1975.

During his tenure in TATA’s actively worked with Tata Memorial HOSPITAL. His other commitments have been CHILDREN's ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITAL  MUMBAI , FPH (Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped), CSR Manager HUNTSMAN...2007-2014, MDRI Marrow Donor Registry of India, Association for the Welfare of the Mentally Handicapped.

He was a Special Executive Magistrate : Govt of Maharashtra  (1989 – 1996) . He is now a Senior Trustee with SHIVPRABHA CHARITABLE TRUST, PUNE & Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research Center, Rahuri. He has an MSc in Chemistry, PGD in Foreign Trade & PGD in Herbal Medicine.

Ruta Kalawar (Vice President)

From the childhood itself, "Nothing in the world can make her unhappy" was her firm belief. And this belief gave her lot of strength to handle almost all the situations of her life confidently n helped her to reach to the destiny.

She lived every moment of her life n always had a dream to give what She got to others. By profession "She" is engineer, Ruta Kalawar by name. "She" worked in many companies "She" achieved every thing in her life, Gold medal, many awards, lovely friends n family finally. With Guru's grace, after Self Realization, "She" discovered real "She" i.e. herself. Her "I" got detached from family religion country profession and became pure with meditation.

Then Naturally "She" as a Divine energy started flowing through SHIVPRABHA in villages, in villagers, in students, in children's, in many souls making them strong. giving them a ray of light to live happy healthy n balanced life.

Ashish Kalawar (Treasurer)

Ashish is Electronic Engineer by profession. He always had dream to help people, make them independent. He worked in UK for 5 years. He was motivated by Amol's work and joined his mission in 2012. He worked for first Solar operated water pump project based in Lonwadi.

A thought "Use your life to Help Educate Motivate people, and get back Eternal happiness" brought him back to India. He got Enlightened with SATGURU'S grace. and He started working to bring peace, harmony in society with the help of Meditation.

He brought transformation in Kinhi Mahadev, Lonwadi, Sondo, Siddeshwar, Dewada and Thakurwadi. He is Treasurer for SHIVPRABHA and responsible for adhyatmic transformation of Rural India.

Ashirwad Vyawahare (Secretary)

Ashirwad Subhashrao Vyawahare is from Pusad and completed his graduation in B.E.(Comp. Sci. & Engg.). Currently he is working with Capgemini Pune. He believe in helping needy person to make him/her strong. He want to see his country people independent in such a way that no one will depend on any kind of support to grow. He started his social journey by donating some funds on his mothers birthday.

In 2012 he came in contact with said team and he was responsible for transformation of village Lonwadi. Since 2012 he is working with SHIVPRABHA / HOPE and currently acting as Secretary of SHIVPRABHA.

Suresh Gandewar (Senior Trustee)

By Profession he is Electrical Engineer. He retired from MSEB after serving for more than 38 years. He worked with many societies at different level like trustee,Treasurer, Secretary and etc. He is with us since 2007 and involved in almost all the critical projects. His major role is mentoring whole group with his huge experience. He is Senior Trustee of SHIVPRABHA.

Parsharam Narwade (Senior Trustee)

Narwade is Senior Trustee of SHIVPRABHA, He is associated with HOPE/SHIVPRABHA since 2012. He was part of team for redevelopment of Lonwadi in terms of providing Solar light to villagers. Solar operated Drinking Water distribution system, Bio toilet for Villagers to avoid open defecation. He has executed many social thoughts like he planted more than 400 saplings, He provided cloths to more than 400 needy human beings. He just started new initiative of VAN MITRA.

Sugandha Sainwar (Trustee)

Sugandha Amol Sainwar is from Nagpur , She did her bachelors in Computer Technology. Currently she is working as System Analyst in Skillnet Solutions Inc, Mumbai. Her social life or social journey started with Amol , as he is very keen to help needy people , She always wanted to do that , but had no idea of how to implement the same

So now Along with SHIVPRABHA she got a way to help people who  deserve but lack the things due to their financial conditions. Sugandha is responsible for website development and other IT related things of SHIVPRABHA. She is founder Trustee of SHIVPRABHA.

Sucheta Kalawar (Trustee)

Civil Engineer by profession (Graduated from VRCE) and working with ACC Ltd as Manager - Technical Services. From the childhood itself She has seen her father as her Ideal, he was always there to help every possible being with whatever way he can. This was very much deep rooted that there is no small or big social work, any work you do from the depth of your heart without any personal motives, is Social.

Got associated with HOPE / SHIVPRABHA in 2007 through Amol Sainwar, we as a team wanted to see educated and empowered Indian Youth. Practicing yoga and meditation since 2013 and have experienced certain kind of peace and completeness. Now its added in her mission to spread this science of yoga to the world as this can bring peace and Harmony in One's life.

Mayuresh Gandhewar (Trustee)

Mayuresh is Computer Engineer by profession basically from Nagpur but posted at Pune. He has executed many scholarships and contributed at personal level also. Presently he is one of the youngest trustee of SHIVPRABHA.

Mukesh Walke (Trustee)

Mukesh has 13 years of experience in HINDI JOURNALISM....." Hum Nahi Hai Ek Par Ek Free" is the poetry book translated by Mukesh in Hindi. His first book is “ANURAG” ( published in 2007) from Nagpur by AASHIRWAD PRAKASHAN was poetry and got 3 state awards including Asmitaadarsh (Aurangabad) MANTHAN award (Pune). Second book was translated and third was “The Unknown Living Legends” published by the hands of Sau Sindhutai Sapkal. He is associated with said social work since 2012 and handling all type Media, Publicity and Publications of SHIVPRABHA.

Sachin Betawar (Member)

Sachin Betawar is Certified SAP MM Consultant currently working with L&T Infotech.

He completed PGD-ERP from COEP and B.E. Mechanical from RCERT Chandrapur. He believe and worked on principle of Earn and Learn and completed his education with said principle.

He always believe on Fact of giving something back to society and joy of sharing is always amazing. He was highly motivated by Work done by Amol Sainwar and started working for SHIVPRABHA & HOPE since 2012. Sachin is the one of the youngest Member of SHIVPRABHA.

Prabhakar Pachpute (Member)

Prabhakar has done BFA and MFA and was one of the student of HOPE/SHIVPRABHA. His Solo Project “CANARY IN A COAL MINE” at Clark House Initiative, Mumbai, curated by Sumesh Sharma and Zasha Colah. GROUP EXHIBITIONS Current Stream’s , sculpture works, at Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U. Baroda. A group show organized by Income Tax Department at Red Earth Gallery, Baroda.

‘Right to dissent’ curated by Sumesh Sharma and Tushar Joag, at Azam campus and Kamagar Bhavan in pune. A Non-Aligned Elephant- Gulab’ - Shunya at Praha Zoo, Curated by Sumesh Sharma, Prague, Czech Republic. ‘Visa Rejects’ a group show, at New Zero Space, curated by Sumesh Sharma and Zasha Colah , Yangon, Burma / Myanmar. He has spread awareness through his art and working on scholarship of few students. He is one of the youngest member of SHIVPRABHA.

Soham Narwade (Member)

Soham is youngest member of SHIVPRABHA.

He just passed out 12th and doing his Graduation. He is associated with HOPE/SHIVPRABHA since 2012, He was part of team for redevelopment of Lonwadi in terms of providing Solar light to villagers.

Solar operated Drinking Water distribution system, Bio toilet for Villagers to avoid open defecation. He has also started SHIVPRABHA YOUTH CLUB, PUSAD in 2015 .

Sanjay Sainwar (Member)

Sanjay is associated with said social work since 2012,

He is responsible for all kind of ground activities at Village : Sondo, Dist : Chandrapur, Maharashtra.

He complete his Degree in Art as well he complete Diploma in Agriculture. He is presently working as Businessman cum farmer cum Post Master at Sondo.

Avinash Lengure (Member)

Avinash Lengure did BE-Electronics from CHANDRAPUR and after doing CCNA Certification started working as Network Engineer.

He worked as a Volunteer with PRANIC HEALING FOUNDATION MAHARASHTRA to Introduce Pranic Healing to people throughout Maharashtra. Avinash social life started from childhood by looking at his father who use to help people left and right selflessly by whatever he can to best of ability and same sanskar Avinash got.

In 2014 surrendered his Heart and Soul to his GURU and started praying intensely to give him some opporrtunity to work in Rural India and got opportunity and started again through SHIVPRABHA as a Member.

Milind Kalawar (Member)

Milind Kalawar did post graduation in MCA (Master In Computer Application) from Nagpur Currently working with Tech Mahindra Ltd, Pune. He started social work looking at his mother. His mother used to extend help to needy person whatever way she could do it to the best of her ability. This inspire him to help needy people and started donating fund to the charity.

It gives him immense pleasure when he see smile of person whom he helped in someway or other. He met Amol Sainwar in Nagpur and he explained him about social work he was doing inspired him to join SHIVPRABHA Trust.

Fortunately he was part of lonewadi project which he started to improve life of village people as part of rural development. Through SHIVPRABHA he donated fund for scholarship provided for needy student and it really help them to fulfil there dream. Since then he is member of SHIVPRABHA trust and looking forward to do social work thru this trust for society.

Shailendra Kolhe (Member)

Shailendra is Civil Engineer by profession and got more than 20 years of professional experience.

His social life started with said group only. He was involve in many projects life E help for Farmer’s, Scholarship to needy student’s and doing many ground activities. Presently he is Senior Member of SHIVPRABHA.

Man is a social animal by nature. Man’s nature is such that he cannot afford to live alone. No human being is known to have normally developed in isolation. The day, he is born to the day he leaves this planet he is in the society. But man realizes his goals and act to achieve it only , in this process, forget to his responsibility towards society.

So as part of the society we must give our contribution to needy part of the society in the form of money, time, donation, knowledge, adoption, moral support etc. so as in future in can grow like chain reaction for social betterment.

Shrikant Parvatalwar (Member)

Shrikant is Lawyer by Profession and presently practising in the matter of Income Tax and Property Matters at Nagpur. He also the Legal Advisor to the various Organisation at Nagpur. He came into contact with Shivprabha in the year 2014 where He Donated some funds to Shivprabha for the Nepal Earthquake Victims and Amol Sir joined him in the Hope Group he really liked the Transparency and Ground work of Shivprabha.

he believe that when u give something to needy it comes to you more times than you have given in other words when you give something good to the nature in return back nature gives you more good things in your life . In his childhood he faced so many difficulties as his financial condition was worst . He completed his Degree by working in the private Organisation merely on the salary of Rs. 1000/- Per Month Till 2002.

he has faced so many challenges so many ups and downs in life. but he is now enough mature to face the worst things in his life. Whenever he help the needy it really gives him the immense satisfaction and it cannot compensated in terms of money.

Prashant Rasekar (Member)

Prashant is Instrumentation Engineer by profession and got more than 16 years of professional experience. He was introduced to activities of ‘Shivprabha’ by Prafulla Mukkawar. He is passionate about education and Nature.

Prashant believe that everyone take something from society in one way or another. It is duty of every individual to payback that debt of society in every possible way. Education has immense role in betterment of society and goal of education is to develop individual to help him/herself and contribute to betterment of others. This chain reaction of goodwill and positivity is goal of Prashant’s social life.

Yunus Khan (Member)

Yunus is the son of  poor farm labour, so he is the eye witness of farmers toil, &  difficulty  he completed his graduation in agriculture in 2002 (TNAU) then he started agricultural consultancy in Akola (Vidarbha) (B. K. consultancy) by this way he is trying to solve farmers problems & also educate them about, modern farming, organic, natural, sustainable & profitable techniques.

He is also work as a trainer  at ACABC training center of agricultural base business, Akola, He is associated with Shivprabha regarding to  help suicidal farmers family, he reached more than 100 family's to empower farmer widows  in Vidarbha region.

Prafulla Mukkawar (Member)

Prafulla is an Instrumentation engineer basically from Chandrapur, Maharashtra currently working in Singapore. He has been writing positive stories and articles for

He likes to write blogs and poems. He has got information about Shivprabha through Amol and impressed by the work they are doing for farmers, widows and poor people. He is associated with Shivprabha since 2015. Since then he was part of team to write articles in Shivprabha E-magazine about the help given to the needy people.

As a part of Shivprabha, he has got opportunity to explore his interest to give back to the society by visiting remote villages and helping people.

Unmesh Kulkarni (Member)

Unmesh is from Belgaum, Karnataka currently working in Pune. He is working in IT consulting field since last 17 years after completing his post graduation in Mechanical Engineering in 2000. Ashish and Amol’s work at ground level motivated Unmesh to contribute to the social work; especially in environment, education and rural development. He is associated with Shivprabha since 2013-14.

Vaibhav Kodmalwar (Member)

Vaibhav is B.E. (Mechanical) from RCERT Chandrapur and PGD from NICMAR, Hyderabad. Project Management by Profession associated with L&T and free lancer Engineer. His father was associated with Lions Club Chandrapur and conducted more than 25 medical camps in rural areas.

Being from Chandrapur & RCERT Alumina, inspired by Baba Amte & his family and Amol from his college days. Sensitized towards Farmer suicides and degraded lift cycle of common man in his birth region. Also believes in digitalization as a need of hour in rural areas too. Has worked with his colleagues to provide laptops for Local primary schools.

Vaishali Surawar (Member)

Vaishali is basically from Digras, BE metallurgy from VNIT,  Nagpur 1992 batch. MBA, U21,  Singapore, company sponsored.  Her Grandmother was a great philosopher,  philanthropist and voracious reader. She seeded the QUALITY of GIVING in her. She used to say every human being has to pay back,  Matruruin, Pitruruin and SAMAJRUiN. She used to run library of books for class 1-10. She used to give daily buttermilk,  Jamar,  clothes to anybody,  beggars. She used to give ghee and milk anybody delivering baby for 13 days. She was a GREAT GIVER.

She is highly impressed by another professional i.e. Mark Jukerburg who gifted his 50% property to CSR as a birth gift to the daughter. So that his daughter, will have a poverty free world to live in.

Manabi Bacher (Member)

Manabi Bacher Katoch is a mechanical engineer turned writer. She is currently the editor of The Better India - Hindi and loves her work as a positive news journalist at The Better India.